Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Here is what has been going on the with my work as an artist both in Canada and abroad. I wish to thank the many individuals who made the Belfast exhibition a great success. In particular Danny Burke, Anita Eutenierier, Ken Rockburn, Anto, Ruth, and Gerry. Also, Laganside Foundation-Belfast, Community Arts Foundation-Belfast, http://www.artengine.ca/ Ottawa, Canada, The Ormeau Center - Belfast, Aware Center for Depression-Belfast, Northern Visions Television- Belfast, Pat's Bar, Farset Internationa, The Duke, The Empire Club, The John Hewitt Pubs in Belfast.www.artengine.ca/cation There have been a number of exhibitions, a documentary by filmmaker Aaron Dickson and a few recent articles on my work.
Ottawa exhausted itself as my home of twenty years.
My passage out of town brought forth a new manuscript entitled Leaving Ottawa. I have also setup a new studio in where The Homicide Paintings are being painted.


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