Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Artist Goes to the Wall

Artist Goes to the Wall
Since arriving in December from Ottawa, Mr. Cation has created a vast collection of new artworks, which includes more than 100 drawings and paintings.
The artworks currently on display range from oil portraits to word art, done in watercolour and acrylic on paper.
“If you spend a lot of time in my kitchen you will end up on canvas,” says Mr. Cation, of how he is inspired by the people around him.
Examples of his work include one piece titled Love Song - Revolver, which depicts a gun over the words “love song,” while another features a butterfly sharing space with the word revolver.

Mr. Cation says these particular pieces illustrate the direction his work is now taking, which is quite different the traditional portraits he used to paint. Last fall, Mr. Cation was featured in an art show at Safehouse Art Space,
in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
David Cation 2004
11" x 33" gouache on paper


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