Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ottawa Xpress Story

David Cation is an Ottawa painter known for his figurative paintings and drawings that speak of the complexity of the human condition. This past fall Cation was honoured with a retrospective of his portraits at Safehouse Art Space in Belfast, Northern Ireland. While in Ireland, he was the subject of a short documentary film by Belfast artist Aaron Dickson. To see why the Irish loved Cation's work go to http://www.aarondickson.com/. The film is titled Deprecation, and can be found under the short films section.

Here is what has been going on the with my work as an artist both in Canada and abroad. I wish to thank the many individuals who made the Belfast exhibition a great success. In particular Danny Burke, Anita Eutenierier, Ken Rockburn, Anto, Ruth, and Gerry. Also, Laganside Foundation-Belfast, Community Arts Foundation-Belfast, http://www.artengine.ca/ Ottawa, Canada, The Ormeau Center - Belfast, Aware Center for Depression-Belfast, Northern Visions Television- Belfast, Pat's Bar, Farset Internationa, The Duke, The Empire Club, The John Hewitt Pubs in Belfast.www.artengine.ca/cation There have been a number of exhibitions, a documentary by filmmaker Aaron Dickson and a few recent articles on my work.
Ottawa exhausted itself as my home of twenty years.
My passage out of town brought forth a new manuscript entitled Leaving Ottawa. I have also setup a new studio in where The Homicide Paintings are being painted.

Alanna's Painting

David Cation.
As Wings on Angels. acrylic on canvas